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I have experienced firsthand that life can be rich and fulfilling. My firm belief in recovery and healing comes through over 20 years of counseling, teaching, and lecturing. In 15 years of practicing Online Counseling while pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I am seeing many lives changed. That is exciting!

My compassion comes not only from extensive study and the work I have done with others, but from experiences through my own trauma and pain. During my healing and recovery, as an undergraduate I studied Psychology and Theology, and counseled in volunteer and professional capacities.

I am passionate and excited about growth and recovery. I believe we have rich potential to enjoy the lives given to us.


Tonia is a truly amazing person with great insights, deep compassion and empathy. From my own experience as a qualified professional in the psychological/counseling field, I would recommend Tonia's service highly. She is committed to those she is helping, and her presence instantly creates a welcoming environment. She is an extremely skilled listener and counselor. I would not hesitate in recommending her service to anyone.

Caroline Hain, Therapist

I am often nervous to share my deepest parts of myself with others for fear of not being understood, but Tonia's intuitiveness and warmth always create a safe haven for me. I can sense that she is committed to listening to me and working together to understand the "big picture".

I feel more courage and hope after talking with Tonia, because her gift of insight helps bring clarity when I'm feeling lost in my pain. Her empathy gives me the grace and courage to not be so hard on myself, and her insights are tools for change. I am very thankful to have her in my life.


Tonia's passion is helping people to grow emotionally, spiritually, and relationally, enabling them to become the whole persons that God designed them to be. Her listening skills, her extensive education, and her own recovery efforts have all combined to make Tonia an effective partner to those who seek healing.

Scott Hausrath, Pastor

Tonia's life experience, combined with her gentle and intuitive communication skills, make her an effective counselor. She has helped me find insights and solutions to problems and issues that were really affecting my personal growth. I would recommend her services to anyone in search of counseling and more importantly healing.


My life is different because of my interactions with Tonia Gibson. I met with her online, and spent many hours talking with her. She has seen me through some of my darkest hours as well as happy times. After no Psychologist was able to help me, she did.

I used to live in an abusive home, and I was able to leave it largely due to the courage she helped to instill in me. She has now become like family to me.
Tonia is gentle and kind, she does not criticize. She will validate your feelings, and allow you to be whoever you are. As a loving and encouraging person, she won't give up on you even if you let yourself down. It feels good to see my own progress.


I have known Tonia for over twenty years. She is a beautifully loving lady that overflows with joy. People have trusted her because of her wonderful caring spirit in addition to the integrity that always characterized her. I am confident that the Spirit is leading her to minister to many who will cross her path in life.

Gabriel Bejjani, Pastor

Tonia has been an inspiration and help to me. I believe her wisdom and compassion for people are gifts from God. She truly cares about you and what you are struggling with. You will be blessed when you talk to her.


Tonia has helped me and my husband so much. We never could have made it without her. She is comforting, honest, and very clear in what she says. She explains concepts well in a direct and professional way. Her words have proven to be true, and she has helped me to leave my denial.

Tonia is extremely compassionate, non-judgmental, very genuine and caring. I’m so thankful for her.


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