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You may have a difficult time setting foot inside a counselor’s office, yet you desire help and direction. I offer my services through either Skype or Phone for our sessions.  I offer listening, support, and guidance as your Life Coach and Counselor, and we will colaborate to give you tools to recognize your own power to address issues.

How Can I Help You

My goal is to meet your unique needs. Together, we will strive to find the direction that is right for you.

As an intuitive listener, I have an ability to understand people well. I believe in providing you care that is focused on empathy and compassion, without judgment, allowing you to feel complete acceptance in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

I have experience teaching both in a public forum as well as one-on-one. I can share with you vital concepts and tools, such as how to set boundaries with others, how to reduce anxiety, and how to work through conflict.

Self-exploration guide
Why do you behave as you do? Self-knowledge is a key to living the life you want, and it is my goal to help you come to know yourself better.

I will serve as a compass as we explore your road map, both past and future. Together, we can determine your options as you find your bearings and make healthy decisions toward a promising tomorrow.

I have years of experience in supportively directing clients. Supportive direction involves helping you see the "bigger picture" without imposing my views. I believe that once you receive the proper tools, you can find the power to reach and act upon the decisions that are right for you.

We are all empowered by encouragement and emotional support. A positive, "yes, you can" message can be crucial to wise decision making, lasting recovery, and deep healing change in your life.


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